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Spiritual Growth

The spiritual growth of the student is a primary concern of the FaithWay administration, faculty, and staff. The spiritual growth of each individual student is dependent upon his or her daily walk with God. Daily personal devotions are expected of our students. Dormitory group devotions conclude each day of activity at the college.


All church services are mandatory for students of FaithWay Baptist College of Canada. We believe the best classroom is the services of the local church. All students are required to actively pursue people for Christ. They are also strongly encouraged to participate in a ministry on the weekend.


All of our staff are more then willing to meet with students to discuss an concerns they may have or spiritual needs they are facing. We want each of our students to feel like they can approach the staff and that they can receive biblical counsel, prayer, and guidance.

Chapel services are held every Monday and Friday. We often invite in guest speakers, who are mostly local pastors who are experienced men of God. These are men who are currently pastoring independent, Baptist churches. The students are also privileged to be able to hear Dr. Wall and Pastor Bowler on a regular basis.


We expect each of the students at FaithWay to become involved in ministries here at FaithWay Baptist Church. There is no greater teacher then practical, hands on experience. All of our students are encouraged to listen intently to every message that is preached, and to allow the Holy Spirit to make and mould them into profitable servants of Jesus Christ.

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