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Standard of Conduct

FaithWay Baptist College of Canada is a Baptist institution. Our clear objective is to impart Baptist distinctives and church polity. Our goal is to see students maintain strong Baptist convictions and to see them remain true to their Baptist heritage.

The college has claimed the motto, “TRAINING SERVANTS FOR THE MASTER.” While much is said in the realm of Christianity about training leaders, there is a vacuum left to be filled by a servant’s heart. Our objective is to train servants to have hearts to serve God and others. Strong Christian leadership must be produced through servants’ hearts.


FaithWay Baptist College of Canada is a fundamental Baptist Bible college. We believe the Bible literally, and we use it as our standard of faith and practice. The standards for the college were established by God-fearing men and are maintained by the administration and faculty. We will not practice situation ethics. The college does not discriminate against race, colour, or national or ethnic origin in admissions, but insists that all students live according to the standards published in its Student Handbook.


It is understood that attendance at FaithWay Baptist College of Canada is a privilege, and not a right, which privilege may be forfeited by any student who does not conform to the standards and regulations of the institution. At any time, the college may request the withdrawal of any student who, in the opinion of the administration, does not fit into the spirit of the college, regardless of whether or not he or she conforms to the specific rules and regulations of the college.

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