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March 17, 2020


Dear Parents of Students of FaithWay Baptist College,


In light of Premier Ford's announcement this morning, we will suspend all classes as of today.


Obviously, our desire was first of all to protect each student's health, and yet also, to complete the semester that we are presently in. But in the present circumstances, some changes have to be made.


Therefore, students that have tr·ansportation may go  home as soon as they would like, and those within Ontario, whose parents would like to take them, are free to go whenever you are able to arrange for their transportation.


For students from a greater distance, since this mandated closure is until March 31, if you would like them to stay at college, we will provide for their room and board as usual.


I will send out further information regarding the need for class work, projects and tests to be completed to receive credit for the classes that are presently being taken.


We pray that this is just a brief hiatus of classes, but if not, we will work to make certain that we have done the best we can for the students to receive their education and training for ministry.


Thank you f or your understanding - these are certainly unprecedented times. If you have any questions about this decision, you may email me at:; or call us at FaithWay Baptist Church.


We will continue to pray for God to work in each of our lives through these circumstances.




Robert Wall, President

FaithWay Baptist College of Canada

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