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Christian Service

All students at FaithWay Baptist College of Canada will be expected to engage in some form of Christian service each week. All of our students will be faithful soulwinners, endeavoring to win the lost to Christ. In addition to this responsibility, all will take an active part in a church ministry. Cooperation in the work of the local church is essential in Bible college training.


Other than for approved church extension work, students will attend FaithWay Baptist Church. FaithWay Baptist Church was founded by Dr. Robert D. Kirkland in December of 1974. The church is a fundamental, independent Baptist church.


All local students enrolled will be expected to attend the services and serve in their own home churches. A “home church” shall be interpreted to mean “that independent Baptist church where membership was held by the student immediately prior to his enrollment at the college.” All students from distances too great to be involved in their home churches will attend FaithWay Baptist Church. An exception to the above ruling will occur when the student does extension work in another independent Baptist church upon the assignment of the administration. Christian service reports will be turned in each Monday morning.

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